COVID-19 Update 5/13

We are thinking of you all in this difficult time. We are continuing to follow all updates on coronavirus from the CDC, CT Health Department, and Yale New Haven Hospital on a daily basis. Due to the growing concern over COVID-19 (novel coronavirus), we are making temporary changes in our office practices. Our top priority is to keep everyone safe and healthy, and so during this time we believe that we will better serve you by limiting face-to-face interactions and exposures to others in the office. Consequently, for the time being, the vast majority of our sick visits will be via telemedicine.

Well Visits

We will continue to see well visits in the office. It is important that you make/keep your child’s regular physical exam appointments, especially for vaccines. We follow all CDC protocols and continually sterilize the rooms. It is safe to come to the office.

We will continue to see sick visits via telemedicine.

Sick Visits

At this time, only sick visits can be scheduled as telemedicine visits. If you would like to be seen via telemedicine, please call our front desk in the morning to schedule that appointment. Telemedicine visits are easy. Once you are scheduled, you will receive an email from with a link ahead of the visit.


If you have a simple question, a nurse can assist you over the phone. If you need to speak to a doctor, you will likely be scheduled for a telemedicine visit. Refills of ongoing medications will be handled by phone as usual.

In-Office Sick Visists

In-office sick visits will be determined at the discretion of a provider and will only be in the afternoon.

Weekend Hours

On Saturdays, we will answer the phones at 9AM as usual. You may call with concerns about significant illness. If a nurse is unable to answer your questions, you will most likely be scheduled for a telemedicine visit with a provider.


COVID-19 Testing

Please keep in mind that we cannot do COVID-19 testing in the office. Testing must be ordered ahead of time and you will not be able to just go to a testing center and request a test.

Please do not call after hours if your child is not seriously ill and your primary concern is to schedule a COVID-19 test.

For more information, and the latest updates, refer to

This is an overwhelming time for everyone. We are always here to guide you and your children. Be prepared and responsible, but take deep breaths. Please remember:

  • Practice good hand hygiene (wash hands for at least 20 seconds – it works!
  • If soap and water aren’t available to you, use hand sanitizer with >60% alcohol
  • Cough and sneeze into a tissue or your elbow – and then WASH YOUR HANDS!
  • Practice social distancing (avoid playdates, parties, group gatherings, etc.)
  • Remember! You can still go outside in your backyard and play or go for a walk.
  • Continue to see your friends and family via FaceTime
  • Enjoy this time with your family!

Be kind. Be supportive of each other. Remember, we will get through this together!

From all of us at Greenwich Pediatric Associates,

Elizabeth Krowitz, MD Therese Bernstein, APRN
Alison Cass, MD Cindy Wechsler, APRN
Arnold Korval, MD
Jennifer Millman, MD
Jessica Epstein, MD